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Exclusive Limited-Edition Autographed Jeff Hardy Artwork Is Now Available At



Don't miss your opportunity to own a very limited piece of Jeff Hardy's art work. Each Lithograph is 13"x16" and made from a scan of art Jeff painted to represent each track on his debut record Similar Creatures! Each lithograph is Hand Signed and Numbered by Jeff Hardy - preview the artwork with the gallery below

These signed and framed pieces are limited to 100

To learn more about the entire collection please visit The Hardy Collection: CLICK HERE

*These Lithographs are framed for each order so please allow 7-10 days for delivery from our partners at Encore

Another Me - Lithograph

Enshrine - Lithograph

Humanomoly - Lithograph

Modest - Lithograph

Reptillian - Lithograph

Resurrected - Lithograph

Similar Creatures - Lithograph

Soul Tied In A Knot - Lithograph