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Garett Bischoff

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img 6141Height:  6’
Weight:  220 lbs.
From:  Unknown
Finishing Move:  Snapmare Driver

Garett Bischoff first came into IMPACT WRESTLING working as a referee, going by the name "Jackson James".  It was later revealed that he was the son of Eric Bischoff, and Eric pressured Garett, as a referee with the power to influence matches, to further the agenda of the Immortal Alliance.  During Lockdown 2012, Garett Bischoff's team defeated his father's team forcing the stipulation that Eric would leave IMPACT WRESTLING and discontinue the use of the name "Bischoff" for good.  Later, after turning his back on Kurt Angle, Garett joined the outlaw Aces and Eights gang and unleahsed a path of destruction withthe group.

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